Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Tribute to Grannie

Wednesday afternoon Daryl received a call from his dad letting him know that his Grandma, Murriel Allen, had passed away. Our boys knew her as Grannie. We will definitely miss her a lot. Between Daryl and I she was the last grandparent we had left, and the only great-grandparent that our boys really remember. 

Grannie was 87 years old. After beating breast cancer twice, many many years ago, she had struggled with pulmonary issues for most of the last ten years and spent the last couple of years on oxygen. Her overall health had really declined in the last six months. She'd been in and out of the hospital and rehab in that time. She had a feeding tube put in at the beginning of October and had recently been moved from the regular hospital to a rehab hospital. They were getting ready to talk about hospice care when she passed away. 

Grannie was a most definitely a lady. She always had her hair done and was very particular about her clothing and makeup. Her home looked like something out of a magazine, always so clean and decorated everywhere with glass and crystal. She had a remarkable green thumb. At her house in Wellswood she had a ton of beautiful plants and even after she moved into John Knox a Village, her sunroom was devoted to her plants and pictures of her family. She was the kind of person who loved to give gifts and put a great deal of time into finding the perfect present for everyone for their birthday and Christmas. She also loved to cook and we enjoyed it when she did, in particular her pork and yellow rice and black eyed peas. Christmas Eve dinner at her house was always an event. 

Grannie grew up in the mountains of North Carolina with three younger brothers and moved to Florida in her 20s. She worked for several years as a clerk at the City of Tampa water department, before raising a family of three boys (Wayne, David, Kelly) with her husband Richard. Later she earned her teaching degree and taught special ed at Mendenhall Elementary. Richard died in 1987. Grannie spent the most of the next twenty years volunteering at the Tampa Performing Arts Center as a theatre usher several nights a week during the season, and then indulged her love of travel with her friends. She visited 58 countries including China, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Grannie's funeral will be next Tuesday morning at her church, Seminole Heights Baptist in Tampa. Daryl will be officiating. We would appreciate your continued support and prayers for our family. 

Grannie at Davis' baptism in June. 

Grannie with all 6 of her great-grandkids at Easter this year. 
Grannie feeding one of Uncle Daniel's goats. 
Mother's Day 2012
Grannie with her grandsons in 2010. 

Grannie at Daryl's seminary graduation in 2009

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Middle Child Strikes Again

Someone finally received his certificate and car sticker for being September student of the month. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Weekend in Worship

This past Sunday, BUMC held a lovely Pastor Appreciation Luncheon after worship in my honor. All the beautiful decorations were done in my favorite colors of pink and purple. The centerpiece on our family table was a "wordle" - the other centerpieces held Scriptures and quotes by John Wesley, St. Francis of Assisi and even The Doctor. There was a ton of wonderful food and a beautiful cake, as well as a card basket of well wishes. So thankful for everyone's generosity and support.



Daryl had a big Sunday afternoon as well. He went after worship with the Lopez family to the home of Wally and Libby Orbison. They hosted a small luncheon and opened up their home (and pool!) in order that Daryl could baptize two teenagers by immersion - Jose' and Federico Lopez. It was an honor for him to be able to participate in that sacred moment for the Lopez family.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Weekend Fun

Last week we received a great package in the mail - a tent (thank you credit card reward points!)
This is Parker's fifth year in Scouts and we have never been on a Cub Scout campout. Daryl and I loved camping when we were a part of Scouts - but the timeline of campouts hasn't worked in our favor as pastors. We will be attending our first family Cub Scout campout Friday-Saturday this coming weekend. And so "the mans" practiced last Friday night setting the tent up in our backyard and then Daryl, Parker and Wesley spent the night outside. We're looking forward to this weekend.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Catching Up

Last week I left town on Sunday afternoon to head to Lake Wales through Thursday evening. It was the first of six retreats over the next three years as the mentor for the newest provisional pastors (21!) in our conference. We had a wonderful time at Bok Tower Gardens working on preaching with Rev. Tim Carson and media consultant Jeri Bergdorf, and also spiritual formation and Wesleyan theology with Dr. Paul Chilcote of Ashland Theological Seminary. We got several chances to walk around the Tower and the Gardens during some reflection time.

Meanwhile back at home, Daryl was doing the single dad thing for the week with a little help from Miss Kelly and Miss Carolyn in the evenings to make sure everyone got to where they were supposed to be on time. With their help he juggled SPR, United Methodist Men and Bible study, as well as baseball pictures, Wesley's baseball practice, Kid's Club at BUMC and Wesley and Parker's first baseball games of the season. Here's a few pictures from the week.
We choose to ignore the uniform and focus on the VERY cute face!
Play time out in the yard with Miss Kelly

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Playground Fun

Sunday after worship the big boys bolted from the sanctuary and headed out to the church playground with their friends. The weather was so nice and all the kids were enjoying their time together. I brought Davis out from the church nursery to join in on the fun.