Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Painted Sky

Last Thursday, I zoomed for class from the church office so I could attend an ensemble practice during my lunch break. It was sunset time when I finally went home and the sky was so absolutely gorgeous when I left. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Semester Break

This 3 day weekend constitutes a semester break for the boys for Virtual School. Wesley and Davis actually finished all of their work a week early, and have been working with an awesome college student from our church two hours a day, getting a head start on the second semester. Both of them finished up with all As for the first semester of school and we are so glad that it has worked out to be a good experience for them. 

Parker needed all the way up until the deadline on Friday evening to get his classes completed: Honors Chemistry, Honors Probability and Statistics and Introduction to Law. He's still waiting on some assignments to be graded, but should have all As and Bs. He still has some Spanish 2 to complete, but has been given permission to extend that one into the spring semester (he's 2/3 of the way done). For the spring semester he has his more favorite classes: AP English Literature and AP US History. Also introduction to psychology, which we hope he will enjoy as much as he did the law class. 

At one point on Friday, Parker set his laptop down to go do something else. One of the furry friends decided to try to help him with school! 


Sunday, January 17, 2021

Nature Time

After a week of Zooming, the mental fatigue was real. So on Friday afternoon after class, Daryl and I took the younger two boys to the park along with the dogs for a walk along Lake Harris. 

There were lots and lots of birds out and the lake level was up super high. It was overcast while we were walking but fortunately the rain waited until we were done. 

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Back to School

Monday was my first day back to school in 20 years. I started classes for my Doctor of Ministry degree in Spiritual Direction through Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. Garrett is located on the campus of Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois (just north of Chicago). January classes were supposed to be in person but due to the pandemic, they were all online through Zoom. The first class was an intensive this week, Spirituality, Diversity and the Global Landscape, and next week is another intensive, History and Theology of Christian Spirituality. Of course, I've already been reading for class since Thanksgiving (10plus books) and written four term papers already (I have four more due by February 19th). 

Daryl made sure I got my first day of school pictures just like the kids by the front door: backpack and coffee too! 

My classes are great! My cohort consists of 13 other people pursuing the same degree and we will be taking all of the same classes together for the next two years. Our next class will be online over the spring semester and then hopefully we will all travel to Chicago for two weeks of in-person classes in June. 

And my Christmas present to myself arrived on the first day of class as well: a handmade finger labyrinth, made in the Chartres pattern. This labryinth is one of the earliest labyrinths left, from somewhere around the 11th century. It's an eleven circuit labyrinth found in the floor of a cathedral in Chartres, France (outside of Paris). Davis and I have already had some opportunities to sit and use it to pray together this week. 


Friday, January 15, 2021

Walking Adventures

In walking the dogs recently we've spotted some wildlife. This raccoon lives in the tree at the end of our street where it meets Poinsettia Avenue. 

And that's a tiny woodpecker at the top of the light pole. He was very noisy! 


Thursday, January 14, 2021

Teenager Fun

Wesley used his Christmas and birthday money to upgrade his setup for playing video games: new chair, new table, new mousepad, new keyboard....

But he also has fun outside. Here he is riding his bike and "walking" Bella at the same time. She has a ton of energy and helps pull him along. 


Wednesday, January 13, 2021

A Grown Up Time Out

After the Asian grocery store last weekend, I drove over to Winter Park (about 15 minutes away) and found a comfy spot on the lawn away from other people to read and study. It was super relaxing. I've always loved Winter Park; in my childhood my summer camp would always take the Amtrak train from Lakeland to Winter Park and then we would stay overnight in one of the hotels and go shopping in all the cute boutique stores or go sightseeing at Rollins College or the sculpture garden or one of the parks. I parked in the parking garage up top and avoided the crowds on the sidewalks and stores. But it was still such a nice atmosphere to study in.