Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The Rest of the Weekend

On Saturday Grandmommy and Aunt Jani came to visit and get a house tour. They also brought lunch! 
Later my best friend Christy drove up from Ft Myers and spent all day Saturday working on unpacking and organizing our kitchen. 

When Daryl walked the dogs that evening, they saw these deer in the front yard of a neighbor's house on our loop. 

And then another neighbor brought over delicious treats from a bakery!

Saturday night I drove up to Fruitland Park with the other boys and we crashed with the Lanstedts. The boys had to be in the church parking lot at 6:45am to leave for summer camp - Camp Ho Non Wah in Wadmalaw Island, SC. 

After watching them leave, I drove over to camp and visited Parker for a few minutes. Then I sat on the rocking chair porch and did my devotions before going to walk the labyrinth. 

On the way back home I stopped at IKEA in Tampa to replace some of our bookcases and my floor length mirror that had been damaged in the move. 

Daryl and I both worked more on the house and then we went to Daiquiri Deck on Siesta Key for dinner before taking a little stroll on the beach - this was my birthday and my birthday dinner - not a bad way to celebrate #46! 


Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Moving In

On Friday morning we moved into our new home in Sarasota, located in the Trillium neighborhood off Clark and Proctor Roads. 

It's lovely. And inside we were welcomed with quite a spread of good things that came from 
the people of Daryl's church - Grace UMC in Venice! 

Here's a few scenes of moving day and hauling all of our stuff into the various rooms. 

It's going to take a while to get all settled in but we'll post pictures of the progress and the 
finished product as it happens. 


Saturday, June 25, 2022

Hanging Out in Seffner

In between houses, we spent some time hanging out in Seffner. Grandmommy graciously let us all stay - including the animals - in the apartment at her house. Let's just say the dogs and cat were plenty confused and stuck pretty close to us inside. 

They weren't quite sure what to make of the big backyard either. 

We finally got a chance to take Grandmommy out to dinner for Mother's Day - had a lovely meal out at Longhorn in Brandon. 

Wesley got in some time at the driving range with Grandmommy and Davis to cheer him on. 

While Daryl and I shopped at IKEA in Tampa to get some new furniture for Wesley and Davis' rooms in the new house. They won't have to share a bedroom anymore! 

And we tried a great new to us restaurant in Brandon with all kinds of fresh, organic ingredients that has a lovely allergy menu for me too - Bolay. 


Friday, June 24, 2022

Prepping for Camp

In the middle of all the getting ready for moving, Wesley had to go to the new Leesburg Aquatic Center on Monday night for his Scout camp swim test. He passed of course! 


Davis still isn't allowed to swim yet after his surgery - so he'll have to swim test at camp this weekend. 

They leave Sunday morning at 6:30am for camp from the Community UMC parking lot. 

They'll be gone for a week to Camp Ho Non Wah on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina. 

Thursday, June 23, 2022

Final Days in the House

Monday evening after the packers left, Daryl and I went out to dinner with CJ and Amy. We tried to go to Ramshackle but it was closed. So we headed to La Palma and Amy and I got these awesome sized margaritas! It was good to spend some more time with them. 

Davis ended up spending the night with their son, his good buddy Tim and they spent most of Tuesday playing video games together. 

Tuesday the final packing and loading went well. The movers were there from 9am - 3:30pm. 
Here's a few scenes from the day. 

We put a few bookcases and a patio table out by the road and called the garbage service for a pickup. Everything was gone before we pulled out of the driveway from people who stopped by in trucks to pick it up. 

One last video tour - Wesley took this to send to Parker at camp. 

Goodbye house. 847 Berryhill Circle was so very good to us over the last seven years. 

  We finally left about 7:45pm and headed over to say goodbye to the Landstedts before heading out of town to Seffner. It was slow going with the bikes on Daryl's Flex and the kayak and luggage basket on my Acadia but we got there. We're living in the apartment on the other side of Daryl's mom's house until Friday morning.