Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goodbye and Hello

For the last seven years the Malibu has been our constant companion. We purchased it used from Sierra Construction where Grandaddy worked, when they were getting rid of their fleet. The car actually belonged to Daryl's brother Daniel when he worked there. It's an 2005 and has 148,000 miles on it. Today we said goodbye to the Malibu and signed it over to Daniel and Dawn.  

Last week we welcomed a new-to-us vehicle into our family - my mom's Chevy Equinox. She bought it brand new in 2011 and it only has 20,000 miles on it. We are very thankful for the opportunity to have a newer car. 


Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Thursday night we headed out for a belated 15th Anniversary Celebration. 

We made reservations for the Melting Pot in Ocala. I've only ever been for dessert with friends; Daryl had never been before at all. It was excellent! We had the four course experience - Fiesta Cheese course, Caesar salads, entrees and then dessert. Daryl had the Fondue Fusion with lobster, teriyaki sirloin, pork medallions and duck. I had the Pacific Rim with teriyaki sirloin, duck, shrimp and chicken potstickers. 

Dessert was melted milk chocolate with peanut butter and all of this great stuff to dip: blondie and brownie bites, pound cake, bananas, strawberries, chocolate covered marshmallows, graham cracker covered marshmallows and rice krispie treats! 

Definitely a great experience and one we will repeat again at some point in the future I am sure.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pizza Time

While I was away at a leadership retreat for a couple of nights this week, the Allen men had fun making their own pizzas for dinner! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Church Picnic Fun

The day after my mom passed away was the annual Church Picnic in Belleview. I debated about preaching and then about staying for the picnic....but ultimately decided to attend worship and to preach. I'm glad I did for a number of reasons: the wonderful support of our BUMC family, the hugs received, my Aunt Susie and Uncle Rich who drove up to be with us in worship that day, and a family from the church in Hudson that joined us in worship that day too. Plus the big boys had been looking forward with great anticipation to the picnic and its giant water slide on the hill in the backyard. They wanted to introduce their little brother to this rite of passage. All the kids and teenagers (and even some adults!) had a wonderful time on the slide. Davis went down with other people at first, but quickly caught on to going it alone as well. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Family Time

Over the last several weeks, there's been the opportunity and blessing to spend time with my extended family and with Daryl's family. Those moments have helped us get through the sad and hard stuff.

I took my aunts and uncle to visit Daryl's Uncle Kelly at his Boba shop by Moffitt. 

Hanging out with Aunt Mona. 

Swimming with Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona and the cousins at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house. 

Taste testing the food for dinner. 

Worshipping last Sunday morning in the church where Daryl and I grew up. 
The boys went up front for Children's Moment.

After worship that day, Uncle Roger, Aunt Mona and I took the kids over to Indian Rocks Beach where my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sparky live as well as my cousin Bob. We hung out at Nancy's and had dinner there; and we had lots of fun playing on Bob's beach with all his cool toys. My cousins Russ and Bob taught Parker how to kayak and paddleboard.

My cousin Russ; Parker on the paddleboard; Russ' son David in the kayak.

Cousin Bob

A little beach soccer.

Cousin Randy's son Will pushing Wesley.
Wesley returns the favor.

Cousin Russ and Davis.
It was so good just to be with family and to relax and hang out together. Lots of good, good memories made.