Thursday, March 26, 2015

Catching Up on the Week

Daryl showing off his spiffy new shirt and tie for Lent. 

We spotted this Polaris in the parking lot at Bed Bath and Beyond. Everyone was stopping to take pictures and it backed up the traffic.  

Parker with the windchimes from Grandma's house now on our front porch.

Me getting allergy testing at Shands this morning. I dislike needles. At least we know what I'm allergic to now: pretty much all the trees, weeds and mold in Central Florida, plus dust and Bermuda grass. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tooth Time

Monday morning Davis went to see Dr. Ron - the pediatric dentist in town. He got his very first cleaning. He didn't want to lay down in the chair, so Miss Pam was gracious enough to do this while Davis was sitting up. He let them take the panoramic x-ray, but not the bitewings. Davis has some sensitivities and oral aversions because of his cleft lip and palate repair and tooth placement - all things considered he did AMAZING at this appointment and the staff was just so good and patient with him. 

When Dr. Ron looked at his mouth, he identified a few cavities on molars in the back that will need crowns. He'll be consulting with the craniofacial team at Shands later in the week about what they want to do with the teeth that are in the cleft. Once they have consulted we'll be able to schedule another appointment with Dr. Ron to have some of this dental work done under sedation on one of the days when the pediatric anesthesiologist is in their office. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

And He's Off!!!!

This morning we dropped off Parker at school at 4:45am for his Safety Patrol trip to Washington DC. Just 3 teachers and 18 students for the next few days - they will tour non-stop Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - and we'll pick him up again on Friday morning. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Race Time

Saturday morning we found ourselves at Honda of Ocala again for Wesley's first turn at a District Pinewood Derby event. There were 23 cars competing in the Tiger event. 

Wesley's car is in the far right lane here. It raced once in each lane and came in first three times and second one time, staying in the 2.5 range each time. 

Wesley finished in fifth place overall, with just .03 seconds separating his race average from the first place finisher. There were some great cars and super close races. He was a bit disappointed not to get a trophy but he hung in there and clapped for all the award winners. 

We tried out a great new restaurant in town afterwards as a reward for Wesley - Freddy's. It's a lot like Steak N Shake, and we had frozen custard after our burgers and fries. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Track Meet

After receiving the note and field trip form from Coach Glisson earlier in the week, Parker went to his first official track meet today. Held at Forest High School, there were about 10 different elementary schools represented from around the county. Some groups were pretty big and others were fairly small. At least two elementary schools had regular track teams with fancy jerseys. 

Parker's only event for the day was the 800m (or 1/2 mile) with two laps around the track. He and the other boy from South Ocala are in the outside lane. 

And here is Parker crossing the line. He finished 17 out of 18 (and the last guy was a quarter of a lap behind him). We are super proud of him because distance is not his strength and he never quit. He enjoyed his first track experience and had fun cheering on his friends as well. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Random Bits and Pieces

Parker got this invitation over the weekend and will be participating in his first track
meet this Thursday.

Parker and Davis sharing a moment during bowling...Wesley is in the background on the lane. 

The boys and I made Lenten cross for display in the sanctuary after worship on Sunday. 



Wesley worked on his table tennis belt loop at Cub Scouts on Monday night and caught on quick! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Three Amigos Wedding Take Two

After our trip to the Master Gardeners Festival and then bowling last Saturday we got lunch and headed down to Brandon for take two on the Three Amigos Wedding from last month. It was time for Mike and Rachael to mark their marriage in front of their family and then to celebrate with a great reception party at the home of Rachael's parents. 

The backyard had a giant bounce house for the kids and also a photo spot that made the party lots of fun - Davis' new best friend for the day was Rachael's 5 year old son Bryson. There was plenty of delicious food and even a trivia game to see how well their family and friends knew Mike and Rachael.