Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Celebration

Easter Sunday was a wonderful day of celebration at both Druid Hills UMC and Belleview UMC, and then we traveled down to Seffner to have Easter lunch and celebrate birthdays with our families.

Our three boys in their Easter finery.

One of the beautiful new banners in the Belleview sanctuary for the morning. 

All three boys attended the BUMC Easter Celebration during Sunday school. 
Besides yummy snacks and an egg hunt, they dyed Easter eggs and had a few other 
projects. If the amount of dye on their hands was any indication, they had a LOT of fun! 

Davis had already done an egg hunt at school last week so he knew just what to do. 
He had good help though from Parker and one of the middle school girls, Reanne. 

Our first family Easter picture, taken outside at DHUMC. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

More Doctors and Updates

Since we've been home for spring break, we've had a few doctor's visits for the grownups in this family. Daryl saw Dr. O'Malley for another checkup on his ear surgery. Everything looked great and he doesn't have to go back for six months.

Daryl also saw an ortho doctor at Shands for some shoulder pain he has been experiencing. It used to only be when he moved his arm a certain way, but in the last few months started hurting even when he was just sitting on the couch. We thought he might have done something to his rotator cuff. Thankfully that is not the case - but he does have a calcium deposit in his shoulder and also bicep tendonitis. They gave him two shots in the office that day and right now he's going to physical therapy 2x a week for the next few weeks.

Daryl and I both saw the eye doctor and while our vision was fine, I got sent off to the eyelid specialist in town. I'll have a procedure in the beginning of May to remove an irritated skin tag from my left eyelid. And because our life wasn't exciting or unusual enough, I rear-ended someone at a stoplight and wrecked the Malibu during Holy Week. It's currently residing at the body shop and we're enjoying the nice brand new Chevy Impala we received as a rental for the next week or so.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Parker Turns 10

So what's special about your birthday this year? I turned double digits. 
How old are you? I'm 10. 
Do you feel older? In between.  
Taller? Yes (and he is finally starting to stretch up a bit). 
What's your favorite color? Aqua. Because I like blue and green but I can't decide between them and so aqua is a mixture of the two.  
What's your favorite food to eat? Macaroni and cheese.  
What's your favorite food that you have had recently? Braised pork at Be Our Guest restaurant in Disney. 
It was delicious and it looked like something that they would have made on Top Chef. 
What's your favorite thing to do when you have free time? Play Minecraft
Did you have a good birthday? I had an excellent birthday. (*Note he hasn't even had his party or gotten most of his presents yet). Why was it excellent? Because we were at Disney. What was the best part of our Disney/spring break trip? Getting the Kingdom Keepers books signed and meeting Ridley Pearson. 
What's your favorite subject in fourth grade? Math. 
What's your favorite project been for FLAME? The garden we've been working on 
What position are you playing in baseball this year? Second base and right field. How's your season going? Good. We're undefeated. Have you gotten a hit this season? Yes and it came with an RBI. 
What do you think you will be when you are older? Baseball player. 
What do you love about your Mom? The food you cook. 
What do you love about your Dad? He plays catch with me. 
Tell me one thing you love about your brother Wesley? He plays with me outside a lot. 
Tell me one thing you love about your brother Davis? He loves to follow us around and do what we do. 
What are you most looking forward to this year? Going to the beach this summer and church camp. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

School Days

Report cards came out again recently. The big boys both had perfect grades again - straight As for Parker and straight Es for Wesley.Daryl and I are so proud of them and all that they are able to accomplish. Thankfully they both really enjoy school. 

Parker's gifted class (FLAME) recently used herbs from the garden they are growing to make homemade pizza in class. His FLAME teacher always has them entering in local contests. This is Parker's most recent entry for a county art competition on soil conservation. 

School is rapidly drawing to a close, with only about 35 days left. The big boys are looking forward to field trips coming soon - Wesley's class goes next week to the movies to see the Disney Bears documentary and Parker's gifted class will be going to the Appleton Museum in town.  

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Grandma Update

Grandma is continuing to take chemotherapy at Moffitt. She has her fourth treatment there tomorrow. The tests that they ran after her second treatment show that the main tumor has shrunk 20% and that the chemo is keeping the metastized spots steady. So that's good news.

Grandma was able to come up the first Saturday in April for a Spring Fling/Mother-Daughter banquet at Belleview UMC. We had a really nice time that day - catered luncheon, barbershop quartet for entertainment, and we got to judge the hat contest too!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Wesley Game Ball

Wesley's baseball team the Twins has been doing very well this season. So far their record is 7-2-1. 
Wesley plays catcher for his team most of the time and is really starting to enjoy it. The first week back after Spring Break, Wesley was the recipient of the game ball for his team. This was the night he got two hits in the game, one of which included an RBI. His prize game ball also came with a certificate for a free Subway meal (one of the kids on the team has a dad who manages several Subway stores). 

Way to go Wesley! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break Vacation - Sunday

Our last day of spring break was spent packing up the condo, loading the van and then we took one last trip to Downtown Disney. Some window shopping, pin trading and then a great lunch at Raglan Road.

The food was awesome here. Dalkey sausages for an appetizer. The boys had macaroni and cheese with french fries. Daryl had shepherd's pie and I had the beef stew.

The best part though was somehow we got seated in the main dining room right next to the stage. 
Live music and dancing - turned out to be lunch and a show. 
It was a great way to end a wonderful vacation.