Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Library and Scouting

First grade for Wesley means that after YEARS of being a tag-a-long to Cub Scouts, he is now officially a Tiger Cub Scout himself. His first go-see-it as a Tiger Cub was Monday night. We left baseball practice early so that we could make it to the library. We spent time in the children's section talking about how the library works and then Wesley got to pick out several books to check out. But instead of putting them on my card, he officially got his own library card on Monday night. He was as proud of the card as he was about checking out chapter Easy Readers! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Family Birthday Time

Sunday afternoon we traveled down to Tampa to celebrate the September birthdays: Grandmommy, Aunt Barbara and Uncle Kelly. The party was held at Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam's house. The kids always love to visit here because of Uncle Nam's cool koi fish ponds. 

Daryl with his grandmother. 

Birthday girl #1 - Aunt Barbara

Birthday girl #2 - Grandmommy
Birthday boy - Uncle Kelly
Grandmommy had a little shadow who wanted to help her open her presents

Davis hanging out with Uncle Nam 

The boys and their cousins 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Open House

Last night we spent time at South Ocala Elementary for Open House. Since I didn't get to go to "Meet-the-Teacher" while I was in Denver, it was my first opportunity to meet the teachers and see the classrooms that Daryl had already visited. 

Both Parker and Wesley have two teachers each this year. Wesley spends half his day with Ms Slagle, for reading and for social studies and then switches rooms to spend science and math with Ms Donaldson. He's doing great with both teachers. He was excited to show us the reading ranch area in Slagle's classroom and how he was the first student to meet his AR reading goal and get his wagon on the wall.  Most of the science learning centers around engineering and involves projects. He has to bring in an action figure so they can build parachutes and talk about gravity. And this is first grade! 

Parker spend half of his day with Mr. Cooke for science and math and then switches over to Ms Curley for reading and social studies. He is also doing well in both classrooms and he is on Mr Cooke's traveling Lego robotics team and a homework checker for Ms Curley's class. We found this picture of him with his FLAME (gifted) class and their garden from last year on the board outside that classroom as we were wandering the halls. 

At the end of open house we stayed for the Safety Patrol meeting to find out information about this year's trip to Washington DC. All the Safety Patrol kids at South Ocala are included. They will be going in March of 2015 for a week through Educational Tours. It's not a cheap endeavor, but it will definitely be an amazing experience for Parker judging by the itinerary. 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Weekend Fun

Friday afternoon we loaded up the family in the car and headed for St. Augustine. It was pouring down rain the whole way there and still drizzling when we arrived. But we managed to still have some fun. We checked into our hotel in downtown, spent some time walking around the shops on St. George Street and then found a great Mexican restaurant for dinner - Acapulco's. It was right on the corner next to the Castillo de San Marcos. From our table we could see the fort and the St. John's River. Parker tried something new and had a chimichanga for dinner. 

We slept in on Saturday morning and then went across the street from our hotel to the Ripley's Museum, or Odditorium as it is also known. When Daryl and I went on Parker's St. Augustine field trip from school last year, the Red Train drove through Ripley's parking lot and we all wanted to come back and check it out at some point. There were some pretty neat things, some scary things for the little guys and some down right weird things inside. But all in all we had a fun time - and I have to say that touring through this historic house (Warden Castle built in 1897) and seeing all the detail inside was pretty cool as well. 

This church and the Chinese pagoda below are made entirely out of matchsticks. 

A Zoltar machine like the one in the movie "Big." 

The big boys were super excited to find some cool things from China that they could point out to Davis - like this dragon ship carved from jade and the dragon carving done in bone.  They even had a carved family ball similar to the one we brought home from China. All the descriptions mentioned the Canton area of China - which is now known as Guangzhou where Davis is from. 

Our Gator loving family was excited to find this picture of Tim Tebow in action; 
this picture is made entirely out of airsoft balls. 

In a nod to St. Augustine's history there were several rooms downstairs all about pirates. 
The boys had fun hanging out down there. 

We even wandered out into the garden to see this giant replica of Michelangelo's David. 

The boys checked out this log cabin home outside as well. 

We loaded up in the car around noon, grabbed some lunch and headed for Fleming Island, which was the whole reason for this weekend trip. Our friends Jonathan and Tanya are having a baby in February and invited us to a gender reveal party on Saturday afternoon at Tanya's parents' house. 

Me and Tanya 

Daryl with Jonathan and his friend Mark. 

Jonathan's comment? We're both at 5 months! 

Tanya had an ultrasound to find out the gender on Friday. The tech wrote it down and sealed it up in an envelope which Tanya's mom took to Publix. No one at the party had any idea whether the baby is a boy or a girl. The inside cake icing between the layers would be the giveaway: blue for a boy, pink for a girl. 

Tanya's nails for the day. Hoping for pink, but with a little bit of blue thrown in! 

Leading up to the big reveal with the cake, the boys had a lot of fun playing with 
Jonathan's son Nicholas and all of his cousins. 

Getting ready to cut the cake and find out. 

And the verdict is......

Pink icing inside means Baby Wright will be a girl! 

We are all looking forward to spoiling the new addition when she makes her debut. 

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Baseball Time Again

Signups and player evaluations are done and we are into practices for the month of September. Davis is not quite old enough for tee ball, and Wesley is playing his last season of Rookie ball and Parker moved up to Majors for this season. We are looking forward to baseball season but at the same time dreading it a bit too - as diehard Rays fans in our home, it's a bitter pill to swallow having a child play for the Yankees (Parker) and your other son play for the Red Sox (Wesley).