Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy Birthday

August 25th has always been a day of celebration for me because it was my mom AND my dad's birthdays. There were both born on August 25, just two years apart. Last year mom's birthday fell on a Sunday and she came up for worship, lunch at Grace Japanese Steakhouse and then back to our house for presents and ice cream cake.  

This year we spent Monday the 25th remembering and honoring my mom and my dad. We met up with Grandmommy and Granddaddy as well as my Aunt Nancy and Uncle Sparky at the cemetery and Daryl led us in the service of interment for my mom's ashes. Then we went out to lunch with my aunt and uncle at one of Mom and Dad's favorite restaurants - the Columbia in Ybor City. It's actually where Daryl and I had our rehearsal dinner for our wedding 15 years ago. We had a great time talking together over lunch.

And when we got home, these beautiful flowers were waiting for us from my Aunt Susie in Indiana. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Work Out Time

All four of "the mans" at our house have been working out lately, 
turning the garage into a gym when they want to. 
Between the punching bag and the Total Gym, they are getting quite a workout. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The First Day of School (2014-2015)

Monday morning was Back to School for Marion County and all three of our boys. They all picked out their own back to school outfits. Parker and Wesley left at 7:15am and rode their bikes to South Ocala because Parker is on Safety Patrol. School for Davis starts at 8:30am and we drove him to VPK this morning. Davis was so excited he wouldn't stop grinning in the pictures and he wouldn't turn around to show off his backpack. 

Wesley - First Grade - Mrs. Slagle 
(with superheroes on his t-shirt and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle backpack)

Parker - Fifth Grade - Mr. Cooke
(with a Minecraft t-shirt and a camouflage backpack) 

Serious pose 

Goofy pose 

Davis - VPK - Miss Tracy 
(Mickey Mouse t-shirt and matching shorts with a Bob the Builder backpack) 

Everyone had very good first days of school. Davis was WAY more excited than his big brothers about coming home with a special folder and doing homework. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Fun with Friends

This past Sunday, Daryl preached on the friendship of David and Jonathan and his own good friend Jonathan came down from Jacksonville with his son Nicholas for the day. When I got home from church, the two of them had their cars out in the driveway comparing the different versions of the Ford Flex. 

I spent most of last week at a national training for pastors who worked with the candidacy and Residents in Ministry processes. There was a team of 10 of us from the Florida Conference and I was blessed that one of the other pastors on our team was my good friend Tracy. We've known each other for 12 years and she's been one of my clergy covenant sisters for most of that time. 

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another Goodbye and Hello

In 2002, my grandparents bought this minivan brand new. After my grandmother died in 2007, the van went to my dad. In 2011 after my dad died, the van came to us. It has served our family well for a very long time and been very reliable. It has 101,000 miles on it now and needed some expensive repairs to the engine mounts and air conditioner. So Saturday we said goodbye to the minivan and traded it in for a newer vehicle. 

We've been researching vehicles for the last couple of months and decided that we wanted a Ford Flex. Daryl's been combing the internet for used ones in the state of Florida. He found one at a dealership in south Florida that was a 2013 with 23,000 miles in our price range with all the features we were looking for. He went back and forth with them on price this week, gave them the specs on the van so they could figure our trade in, and got our bank financing all lined up this week. So Friday night we drove down to Clewiston and spent the night. Saturday we drove over to Belle Glade, went for a test drive, and came home with a new-to-us Flex. It's black with a silver top - the kids are calling it Darth Vader. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Family Birthday Time and Other Stuff

 Sunday morning of our vacation we checked out of the condo, ate breakfast at Dutch Valley and then headed to Ellenton for some back-to-school shoe shopping. We made it to Seffner by 1pm for lunch at Grandmommy and Granddaddy's house. It was time to celebrate all of the July and August birthdays (Davis, Uncle David, Granddaddy, Aunt Dawn and Grannie). Davis was very excited to finish celebrating his birthday - especially when he saw the pile of presents and his awesome Jake and the Neverland Pirate birthday cake!

Davis was the youngest being celebrated and Grannie was the oldest at 87. Here she is with Uncle Kelly and then with our gifts - lap robe and in the photo frame is a picture of Grannie with all six of her great-grandchildren.

Granddaddy not only celebrated a birthday but also retirement! So in addition to birthday presents, he got some great gag gifts, including this job jar full of things to keep him busy.

After singing Happy Birthday five times to all the birthday people and watching them open their gifts, the kids (big and small) got a chance to play and just hang out. We were glad to welcome Aunt Barbara's two grandchildren to our celebration: Sarah and Nathan.

Monday the big boys stayed with Granddaddy at the house while Daryl and I took Davis and spend the day starting to go through my mom's house. We concentrated on packing up all of her clothes and then working through the knicknacks and things in all the bedrooms. We took a truck full of stuff to the Hopsice thrift store in Brandon in the late afternoon.

Then the boys helped Granddaddy take apart and store the stage he built for the church's big block party last week. Even Davis found stuff his size he could help with.

We returned home late Monday night from vacation and managed to get the van unloaded and pretty much everything unpacked before heading back to reality on Tuesday morning. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beach Time

We spent last week at our favorite little piece of paradise - Siesta Key Beach. We bought a cute little tent to put up on the sand and that helped us be able to stay down on the beach longer each day. And some of the guys even took naps they were so relaxed.

We had lots of time to play in the water and on the sand. 

There was plenty of good food. Daryl made breakfast six out of the seven days: cinnamon rolls twice,
breakfast burritos, waffles with bacon, biscuits with sausage gravy and french toast.

We ate out at some of our favorite restaurants at night including Dacquiri Deck, Captain Curt's, Old Salty Dog - and got ice cream twice at Big Olaf's.

The boys had a blast in the pool in the afternoons. Davis especially got more comfortable with the water as the days went on. He loves going under the water - he called this group hug "cheek to cheek" and would have everyone go under the water together. Afterwards he would give out high fives and say "Good job everyone!" The videos show the boys enjoying jumping into the pool and showing off their moves. The video of Davis jumping with Daryl was a few days in - when he's jumping on the last day with Grandmommy you can see he has NO fear!

And there were plenty of beautiful sunsets to enjoy in the evenings too. It was just what we needed; a very wonderful time of rest and relaxation in one of our favorite places.