Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Three Amigos Adventure Part One

Early Saturday morning we got up, got dressed, packed, loaded up the van and headed off for Jacksonville. Daddy's good friend from high school Jonathan is getting married this weekend and Daddy is the officiant/co-best man. The other amigo, Mike, is the other co-best man and he brought his two boys up with him. Jonathan graciously let us all crash at his house - that's Mommy plus three 38 year old men, and five boys (two 13 year olds, one 8 year old, one 7 year old and one 4 year old).

After dropping off our stuff at Jonathan's, we headed down to St. Augustine to the wedding venue for rehearsal - the River House in Old Town on the St. John's River. Here's the new amigos.....

And the big boys hanging out in the library at the River House during the rehearsal. Thankful for the electronics!

The back porch and its' view of the St. Augustine lighthouse.

Rehearsing out on the lawn. Picture an arbor and chairs for the actual event.

After the rehearsal we headed over the Bridge of Lions to the St. Augustine Beach area to Amici's Italian Restaurant. We sat with Mike and his crew in a booth in the corner of the banquet room.

At the end of our lovely meal the guys got their groomsmen gifts.... personalized pens.

After everything wrapped up, we made a stop at the grocery store for some snacks and then headed back to Jonathan's. The boys had a ton of fun wrestling with each other and playing video games. Wesley spent a while on the couch before he warmed up to the dogs - Ella and Blade.

Daddy was super happy to find that Jonathan had a Maine Coon cat like we used to have, although his Simba had a much better disposition than our Bubba did. Simba kept Mommy company in the chair by the Christmas tree.

The Three Amigos hanging out drinking IBC root beer and watching TV.

And then the big boys got in on the wrestling....all eight of them....dogpile!

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