Saturday, July 7, 2012

Walking the Miles

Last Thursday while the boys were at camp, the grownups took the day off. Our first stop was to Angienius Massage where we used our gift certificates from Mother's Day and Father's Day for a couples' massage. It was wonderful!

Then we headed out to Greenway Park in Ocala. Usually we bring the kids out here for the playground, but this time we wanted to check out the paved trails behind through the woods. We walked for two hours through the whole trail system and covered a little over five miles. We saw a deer, three turtles and two hawks - plus we found a disc golf course out there. Very cool! After that we headed to the Dugout Cafe for lunch and then headed home.

We told the boys about our hiking experience and they were anxious to try it out. So this evening we headed back out there as a family. We remembered to bring two things we had forgotten on Thursday - the camel pack for water and the bug spray! We didn't walk as far or as long, but still managed to walk from 6:30pm-8pm with the boys. We paid close attention to the dedicated (and sometimes decorated) trees lining the beginning of the path. This time we also noticed blooming catcus along the trail and we found a bunny rabbit.

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