Saturday, October 12, 2019

Trip to the Hospital

We got Davis to the hospital in Gainesville on Friday morning by 6:30am for an 8:30am surgery. One of the things we took with us was this awesome looking panda bear, made for him by Miss Jenn (Shya's mom) at chuch. Davis named him Mr. Fluffermuffins. In pre-op, they also loaned Davis an iPad loaded with games and movies. One of our clergy friends, Ben Richards, came by pre-op and prayed with Davis before surgery too. 

The three hour surgery window came and went and there was no word from the OR. Finally at four hours we heard that things had gone well and that they just needed to put in Davis' splint before sending him up to recovery. Daryl and I went to get Arby's for lunch and when we came back our pastor friend Melissa Pisco was there to visit with us and then we quickly got to head upstairs to recovery to see Davis.

The surgeons were very pleased with how well Davis' procedure went. They removed a tooth that was in the way, took bone marrow from his left hip and created two bone grafts for it to fill in the spaces in Davis' upper jaw.

We moved up to a regular room around 3:30pm and Davis was excited to see a giant Shamu picture on the wall outside his room.

He ended up with a roomie around 9pm, so Baba slept in the convertible chair/bed and I got to share Davis' bed with him. We didn't really sleep, mostly doze as the nurses were in every hour with antibiotics, nausea meds, tylenol or motrin or taking his vitals. 

The doctor came back this morning to double-check and seemed pleased with how well Davis had done with pain, going to the bathroom and drinking gatorade and broth. We left Gainesville about 10:30am to head home. And just outside the hospital as we were waiting for Baba to bring the car around, we saw these cool cars out front - Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine, a Delorean, and the Batmobile! Even Velma and Shaggy were standing nearby. 

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