Sunday, May 17, 2020

Finally A Fully Licensed Driver

Parker had an appointment at the DMV on Monday March 30th, the day after his 16th birthday, which of course got cancelled in the pandemic shutdown. We kept watching the updates on the website and called last week to get him set up for an appointment Friday afternoon, the very first day that they were open for testing again. He checked in with the instructor from the car while she was on the sidewalk. She called him on his cellphone and gave him instructions to follow the driving course in their parking lot: quick stop, backing up straight, parking, a three-point turn, following directions and stopping with a turn signal at the stop sign, and parking again. She also quizzed him on how to park on a hill.

He passed! He's now an officially licensed driver! 

To celebrate we got takeout from his favorite, Ramshackle's Cafe. He got the Macho Nachos! 

And then after dinner, these two set off in the car on their own for a while. 
Parker drove his brother all around Fruitland Park. 

Congratulations Parker! Drive safe! 

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