Thursday, January 22, 2009

Weird and Wacky

1. Tuesday at church we had an unexpected group of visitors. While we got used to seeing flocks of sheep and goats along the roadside in Israel, Mommy did a doubletake when she saw a huge flock of wild turkeys grazing on the church property!

2. Yesterday on the way to school Parker and Mommy saw 12 cop cars parked on the road next to an empty Jeep and the police officers were all out searching through the woods. Now we know why!
3. Also yesterday, Daddy and the boys were driving home from school when someone decided to lean out their car window and throw an egg at the van windshield!

4. And finally, our boys have been replaced by aliens! No seriously we understand that they're both testing their boundaries now that we're finally home again but good grief - the arguing from the big one and the whining from the little one have been pretty challenging this week. Thankfully there are still lots of good times!

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Grandaddy said...

To all who read this Blog,
If you are feeling sorry for the parents who toured the world for two weeks and now have to return to the real world, try handling the arguing and whining children when your 60 years old and the only place your going for two weeks is to bed. Peace and quite, how bliss!! And by the way we did not spoil them, EVER!!