Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Today after school Mommy took Parker (and Wesley) to Wal-Mart to finish up shopping for school clothes. Last night we had gone through every piece of clothing Parker owned and had him try stuff on to see what fit and what didn't. So today we picked up: sneakers (Lightning McQueen of course), dress shoes, ankle socks, dress socks, new belt, two pairs of jean shorts, a pair of jeans and new undies (again Lightning McQueen). All of this to go with the stuff in his closet and drawers that still fits and the eight new polos and t-shirts (Mario, McQueen, Phineas & Ferb) we got him a couple of weeks ago.

Afterwards as a reward, we drove to Play-N-Trade to let him look at Wii games for a few minutes. His friend Noah from daycare pointed out this particular store on the way to the movies one day and made sure to let Parker know that he had gotten to buy a game there. Parker has now picked out a few other games he would like to buy - when he has some money......

On our way home, we swung by the church to pickup Daddy and then we went back out to get the staples removed from Parker's head. Since the ER was going to charge us another large copay to visit them again and there was no guarantee on how long it would take, we opted to take him to the After Hours Pediatrics clinic for a small copay and no wait. Fifteen minutes total and we were back in the car. He was very scared before they started, but Parker held really still during the procedure and did great. So as a reward we opted to let him pick which fast-food he would like to have for dinner. Parker of course picked Wendy's because his absolute favorite thing to eat in the whole world these days is a chocolate M&M frosty!!! We did make him eat a sandwich and fries also!

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