Friday, August 21, 2009

Kindergarten Orientation and Other Stuff

Today Parker got to stay home from daycare. He went into the office with Daddy for a little bit this morning and helped put away tables and chairs from Bible study and setup the sanctuary for Saturday's funeral. Then he got to play with Daddy's big chess set in his office (and tried to sneak two pieces into the car later on!) Mommy picked up Daddy and Parker around 10:30am and we all headed to South Ocala Elementary for Orientation. In the front courtyard of the school they had several tables out with all kinds of books and different resources that parents and kids could take home for free. Parker picked out two things: a little board that you stretch rubber bands on to make different designs and a small clock with movable hands to practice telling time. Someone came out about 11am and put up the lists showing the kids assigned to each teacher and a map showing where the classrooms were.

Parker had a very easy to find classroom and Mrs. Robles for his teacher. Who coincidentally already knew that Mommy and Daddy were both pastors before we walked in - because she's friends with someone at the school who is related to someone that belongs to Mommy's church! Parker had to walk around and look at all the desks to find his star-shaped nametag, then Mommy and Daddy had to sit down and fill out some paperwork. After we turned that in to Mrs. Robles, she took Parker's nametag and asked him where on the "Robles' Rookies" bulletin board he would like his nametag hung (he picked the middle). We then got to walk around and spent time looking at everything in his classroom, which was very nice. Parker will start on Monday with six other children. Seven others will attend on Tuesday and then six more attend on Wednesday before all twenty of them show up together for Thursday and Friday. After talking more with Mrs Robles and asking some questions, we headed off for the cafeteria to get signs made for our cars for the pickup line and find Parker's lunch table. And since it was a special day, Mommy and Daddy took Parker out for a special lunch and we went to try out Five Guys. Wonderful burgers and fantastic french fries - WOW!

Then the guys headed home while Mommy went to do a lot of visiting. After she picked up Wesley, we all headed out again to get haircuts for the guys. We ended up at the Hair Cuttery just around the corner from the house. Of course the place was absolutely loaded with kids all getting their back to school haircuts, but we got in and out remarkably fast and with good results.

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