Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Baby Shower

Last Sunday the church threw a baby shower for Debbie and Wesley. The women from both sides of our family all attended plus there were about 80 people from the church there! It was incredible to see all of the people and all of their generous and creative gifts. It took Debbie over two hours to open everything! Here's a few pictures from the afternoon:

Debbie arriving at the shower.

The gifts lined up across the stage in the church's Fellowship Hall.

The beautiful cake - they gave us the topper to take home and freeze to use on his first birthday cake.

Debbie opening presents - her mom volunteered for the task of writing down all the gifts and who they came from.

A Diaper Wreath made by Wendy Bath at church (the Pumpkin Patch lady).

A Diaper Cake made by Debbie's friend Stacee and her mom Karen.

Parker stayed home with the guys and his cousins for the afternoon. But many people wanted to make sure that Parker didn't feel left out or slighted in any way by all of the stuff for Wesley. He received several presents as well. When we brought things home and he got to open them, he thought it was Christmas! Some of Parker's loot included a gift card to McDonald's, a Lightning McQueen wallet complete with change inside, books, dvds, cars, coloring books and crayons and a pair of inflatable punching gloves! And the boys got a couple of matching outfits to wear later on including a pari of t-shirts from the Angwin family (karate school) that say "I love Wesley" and "I love Parker."

Many thanks to all of the people who attended and especially Sue Peak, Donna Munsen, Bev DeLuca and Florence Dickinson for organizing and setting everything up! We certainly have been blessed and have everything we need to welcome Wesley home!

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