Thursday, December 6, 2007

More On Wesley

We promised more details on Wesley and here they are (along with a few more pictures!)

Wesley's original due date was November 29th. But Mommy had been having contractions off and on for several weeks and on November 20th we arrived at the hospital at 3am thinking this would be the day. However, Wesley wasn't quite ready. While he was head down, he was angled off to the side and all the medications and contractions were just pushing him into Mommy's right hip. So after 16 hours in the Labor and Delivery unit, we were sent home. We were also told that because Mommy was as progressed as she was, it wasn't a smart idea to travel home for Thanksgiving. So our families graciously brought Thanksgiving to us - Mommy's parents brought us a full lunch and Daddy's parents (along with Uncle Bill and Aunt Bobbie) brought us tons of leftovers for dinner.

Fast forward to the 28th. Mommy went in for a regular checkup at the Dr's office, which happens to be in the building next to the hospital. We took Parker along with us because he loves to hear the heartbeat and we had the car packed with all our bags just in case. The Dr. decided that since Mommy was due the very next day, she would just go ahead and break her water and send us over to the hospital; so that is what we did. We checked into the hospital at 1:45pm and Wesley was born at 8:14pm. This time was a lot easier on Mommy than the 24 hours of labor it took to have Parker! Like the last time, Daddy got to room-in with us at the hospital which was great for the three of us to have some special time together. Parker got a special treat too - Granddaddy and Grandmommy took him home with them for a few days.

Wesley is very healthy and doing very well. While there was a bit of concern about jaundice while we were in the hospital, he did not require the light treatment and all signs of jaundice have completely disappeared. He's a very happy and easygoing baby. He only cries when he's hungry or dirty. Also he is very alert when he's awake, looking around at everything. And noise doesn't seem to bother him either, which is good because Parker is always hanging around!

Parker is quite taken with his new little brother. He was so excited at the hospital because "Wesley finally came out!" And just after Wesley was born when he got to come in the room, he was watching the nurses so carefully as they handled his brother. When one nurse stuck Wesley's foot for a test and he cried, Parker got very upset and told her: "That's not nice. Don't hurt my baby brother!" He always wants to hold him and is such a willing helper in bringing things to Mommy and Daddy. He also is constantly trying to share his stuff with Wesley. Of course, he doesn't understand why Wesley sleeps so much and is always anxious to wake him up to play!

So we are slowly settling into a routine in the Allen house with four instead of three. We are very happy to finally have Wesley here and are excited about watching him grow and change.

PS - Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa for the birthday cake
they brought for Daddy and Wesley.

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