Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Playing Catchup!

Since we're busy packing here to leave tomorrow for Annual Conference, we're going to play catchup a little bit. We didn't get any pictures of our family at the Corn Festival, so Joe and Tammie Foster from church sent us these pictures. Parker really did have a love affair with the Zellwood corn!

Also, we discovered this past week that the church has been getting free garbage service at the parsonage! We thought it was part of our neighborhood association dues and we've been putting out the garbage twice a week for the last four years and it's been getting picked up. But it didn't get picked up last Saturday or this Wednesday. So we asked David (the church business manager) to call and find out what was up. Come to find out that Seaside Sanitation has just been picking up all the garbage out on our street and this past week they finally cracked down on the drivers about only picking up at addresses who have accounts. So David setup an account with Seaside and had them come back out to pickup all our garbage. And since it was their mistake, they aren't billing us for the last four years of service!!!

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