Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Friday

So today was Cowboy and Cowgirls day at school and Parker got to dress up and have a special lunch at school - he was so excited.

And since Uncle Clark is here visiting, we tried to do something special for Parker after school. We brought him a change of clothes, his Rays gear, so that we could drive down to Dunedin and watch the Rays play the Blue Jays in a spring training game. Only problem? It was completely sold out when we got there. Parker was devastated - he loves the Rays so much and couldn't understand why we were outside the stadium and didn't get to go in.

So we tried to think about something else we could do together that Parker would love and came up with putt-putt. We haven't been in almost a year. So we paid for unlimited golf and ended up doing two rounds this afternoon and went back for two more rounds later after dinner! Even though Wesley didn't get to play, he had fun cheering everyone on. Uncle Clark won three games and Mommy won one of them!

Fishing the ball out of the water - again!

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