Thursday, March 5, 2009

Parent Teacher Conference

Wednesday morning Mommy went to a Parent-Teacher conference for Parker. This was from the kindergarten readiness assessment that was sent home a couple of weeks ago. She met with Mrs. Dillingham and Mrs. Valdez at the school this morning to go over the assessment and to hear about how Parker is doing at school. They are both pleased with how bright he is and eager to learn, how well he listens and behaves (he's always on green), how he uses his manners, how he shares ideas and feelings, and how he gets along with other children. They called him a leader and said he is a pleasure to have in class. We were pleased to hear how he is doing - but in a way it's strange to hear other people provide an assessment of your child based on experiences they have with them when you are not around. So they feel he's emotionally, socially and academically ready for kindergarten! They just suggested we help him keep a journal of his experiences over the summer months and practice writing his letters before school starts.

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