Friday, April 30, 2010

Top Ten Things

Not to be outdone by his little brother, today is a Top Ten Things list about Mr. Parker!!!!

10. He weighs a grand total of 45lbs (and has for a while) yet Parker eats constantly! He is always hungry, even though most nights at dinner he eats more than Mommy or Daddy.

9. He is really looking forward to being a first-grader and being in the new school building at South Ocala next year. The new South Ocala will be the most technologically advanced school in the county. There is also the possibility of Parker participating in a a couple different enrichment program one of which would involve being more hands on with technology.

8. At school, he is doing so well with his reading that the teacher has him sitting with the other kids and listening to them read and having Parker help them with the words that they don't know.

7. There is a website that the kids can access for reading from school and at home called Ticket to Read. By doing all kinds of games (exercises) and reading, Parker can earn points to spend and decorate his online clubhouse. This is what he primarily uses his computer in the toy room for.

6. This past Tuesday at school Parker had a field trip to Marion Technical Institute to watch the play "Click Clack Moo." The bus drove past Wesley's daycare and Parker made sure to tell everyone on the way there and the way back that it was his brother's school and he waved "Hi" to Wesley! Next he goes on another field trip to Uncle Donald's Farm and Mommy and Daddy will help chaperone.

5. The first thing that he does when he gets up in the morning is to go out in the living room, turn on the TV and select an episode of Monster Jam Freestyle to watch off the DVR while he is eating breakfast and getting dressed.

4. He has a collection of about 16 Monster Trucks now (including 3 Gravediggers) as well as a Gravedigger storage case and the Monster Truck Showoff Showdown Ramp as well as several videos. This is what he spent his birthday and good grade cash on!

3. He is obsessed with all things Space since our visit to the Space Center over spring break. He routinely talks about the Apollo missions and space shuttles while we're driving around in the car and Wednesday night he was so excited to stand in the driveway and watch the Space Station fly over Florida.

2. Parker is a devoted Rays baseball fan. He keeps the mini-schedule of the games on his desk and tell us each day if there is a game and who we are playing against and where.

1. Every night Mommy reads with the boys before going to bed. Usually one book per boy, or we listen to Parker read from one of his big chapter books. But after Mommy leaves, Parker takes over the reading and that's how the boys fall asleep - lights on, snuggled up under the covers, with Parker reading to Wesley until they zonk out.

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