Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Big Suprrise!

On Thursday we picked the boys up from school and took off for a surprise. They know that we are headed to see Monster Jam Summer Heat at the Ocala Speedway on Saturday afternoon. But they did not know that Gravedigger was making a special appearance in north Ocala this afternoon. And so we headed to Advance Auto Parts. As we got close, Daddy had Parker close his eyes in the backseat. Wesley wouldn't keep his eyes closed though and kept trying to say "Gravedigger"! But somehow we managed to get the boys out of the car and up close before letting Parker open his eyes. He was very excited!!!

For a little perspective on the size - here's the boys next to one of the tires. They have their mini monster trucks in hand.

Up close and personal.

There are a few different drivers for Gravedigger - and Parker knows them all from watching on TV. This is driver Randy Brown. He signed autographs for both boys and was so gracious about the picture taking.

Happy boys headed home - playing with their Gravediggers and looking forward to seeing their favorite monster truck again on Saturday.

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