Thursday, April 29, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Monday was a good day. After dropping the boys off at school, Mommy and Daddy headed down to the YMCA to work out again at a cardio cycling class (spin). Then we went home and got ready to go out to the movies. We stayed in Ocala this time and saw "The Losers" which turned out to be pretty good. After picking Parker up from school, the three of us headed to Tijuana Flats for lunch. While we were out we got a call from Grandaddy. He was in town to check on one of his construction projects from work. So we ran and got Wesley from daycare and headed home - where we met up with Grandaddy for a little bit. The boys certainly enjoyed the extra bit of time they got to spend with him. Parker even got him to go out in the front yard and throw the football around a little bit. Later on after Grandaddy left, Mommy headed back to the YMCA for a Zumba class. And we finished up the evening as a family outside in the neighborhood - Mommy and Daddy and Wesley walking while Parker rode his bike.

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