Friday, April 16, 2010

Vacation - T-Ball and the Slip 'N Slide

It was up and at it early for us on Saturday morning as we headed out of Orlando by 7am so that Mr. Parker could come home and get ready for his t-ball game at 9am. This was his second to last game and we didn't want him to miss it. He did a really great job on the field - as the shortstop between second and third he reached out to the ground to grab a ball and ended up snagging it but also rolling over on the ground before standing up and throwing the ball to first. He was SO proud of himself for being like a major leaguer! He continued to do well on batting also and really powered one into the outfield.

We came home and spent the rest of the day unloading, unpacking, running some errands and doing a ton of laundry. The boys finally got to open most of their Easter gifts as well as Parker's birthday gifts and play with them. Later in the afternoon we took the boys out in the backyard so that they could play on the slip and slide. They had a blast!!!!!!

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