Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Week in Review

Sorry it has been so long since we've blogged. Things have been a little crazy around here so here's a few highlights.....

Soccer Camp - Parker missed the first two days of soccer camp with strep throat this week. But he was feeling better enough on antibiotics to attend the rest of the week. He LOVED it! The last day they had a World Cup tournament dividing up the kids into 6 teams of 6. He played on the Netherlands team - they won three of their five mini games and advanced to the final championship game. Unfortunately, they lost to Argentina because of penalty kicks at the end of the game. Parker didn't score, but man did he hang in there and try so hard to get the ball away from the other kids. After the soccer game, he got to go to Sports Authority and get a soccer ball and cones to keep up and practice at home in the yard.

Basketball Game - Thursday night Parker had basketball practice and Friday he had another game. For some reason only a few boys showed up this week and it looked like Parker's team might have to forfeit with only 4 boys. But another kid showed up just in time. So while the other team got to rotate in their 11 players, Parker's team of 5 boys played the whole entire game!!!! Camp made a huge improvement in his skills - he dribbled the ball so much better up and down the court, and actually made a shot during the game.

Wesley - The little guy is enjoying daycare immensely with the field trips this summer and the water days. He's had some problems with allergies this week - runny nose and cough - that haven't seemed very major. But he woke up at 5am on Saturday morning gagging with a fever of 103.7. So we gave him Motrin, cooled him off with wet clothes and his fever finally broke about 8am. He seemed fine all day and tried to keep up with Bubba. But he finally crashed out at 6:30pm sitting on the couch with Daddy and is still asleep!

Mommy - Had a couple of outings this week, including lunch one day with a couple of ladies from BUMC and dinner with some members of DHUMC. But she was feeling kind of rough. When we went for her two week checkup on Thursday, we found out why. Everything is healing right on track, but since Mommy had the "presidential" deluxe version of this surgery with some extra repairs, it's going to be painful for at least another couple of weeks. The doctor was impressed that she had gone six days without any pain medication stronger than Motrin and gave her some more pain meds which have helped greatly.

Daddy - Between all his regular work at church and all the extra work at home and shuffling everyone around to camp, daycare and doctor visits, Daddy's been busy. And this week he's also been working on coordinating VBS for Druid Hills next week at night. Today he spent several hours with volunteers from his church and Ocala West UMC staging the sets for "Galactic Blast" in the opening/closing in the sanctuary and for crafts/snacks in the fellowship hall. It looks awesome and he's very excited to see how everything will come together next week. The boys are just excited about getting to do VBS again - and Wesley loves that green Gorilla puppet!

Many Thanks - to all the wonderful members of BUMC and DHUMC who have taken such good care of us with cards and flowers and meals. We're still getting meals every other day which has been such a huge blessing! Here's some of the flower arrangements and plants we've gotten....

This is 3-4 arrangements combined together on the table.

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