Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cruising Down the River

Today was the last Saturday of the tubing season where we had no other commitments, so we hit the Rainbow River this morning. We left the van at the end of the run with our towels and change of clothes (lesson learned from last year!) and headed up to the KP Hole Park in the Malibu with the tubes, the sunscreen and the snacks. It was packed!! In fact by the time we got there at 10:30am, they were out of rental tubes. Thank goodness we had our own!

We hit the water about 11:00am and there was a strong current and beautiful weather. The 4 hour run only took us 3.5 hours today. At first the river was pretty full, but about an hour in, the crowd thinned out when we past the first tuber exit. The boys did great and enjoyed all the wildlife we got to experience - the dragonflies that landed on us, the birds sunning themselves, the river otters playing, the turtle sunning himself, and the ducks diving for fish. Mommy even had two up close experiences with fish nibbling on her - one on her hip and one on her thumbnail.

Wesley floated in his own tube for the first three hours or so and then crawled in to ride with Daddy because he was cold. He ended up relaxing enough to fall asleep about 20 minutes before the end of the ride. He was snoring so loud that Daddy had Parker convinced that there were alligators growling!

We got out about 2:30pm, got changed, headed back to pickup the Malibu and then headed home. Mommy stopped off to get lunch and we ate while watching the Gator game on DVR at home. We're so thankful for such a nice relaxing day together as a family.

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I just love that house you took the picture of.