Saturday, January 31, 2015

Family Fun Day

The boys had no school last yesterday, so we took off late Thursday night for Orlando and Disney again. A trip to Ghiradelli's at Downtown Disney netted us a "cookie bits sundae" for a snack. 

We hit EPCOT on Friday morning and had fun bouncing around with some of our favorite rides. The boys were excited to ride Test Track again and spend time playing around afterwards in their design area. 

Parker, Wesley and I tried something new we've never done before in Inventions - the Sum of all Thrills which is a simulator where you design your own roller coaster track and then ride it. The video is Parker's first design that he and I rode together. The little guy hung out with Baba while we were busy and took a little snooze. 

Goofing around in the store with Olaf. 

We ate an early dinner at Garden Grill inside The Land pavilion, where characters Pluto, Chip, Dale and Mickey Mouse visit your table. The food here is always delicious and the boys love that the restaurant rotates and you can see parts of the Land boat ride while you eat. 

After dinner we headed for the Magic Kingdom. We got there with about 2 hours left in the park and rode Big Thunder Mountain, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train and Buzz Lightyear. With just 10 minutes to go before the park closed, Parker decided to try Space Mountain for the very first time, since he had ridden the roller coaster simulator earlier in the day and liked it. It was pretty much a walk-on ride at that time of night. Parker LOVED Space Mountain. He has officially been converted now into a roller coaster junkie. 

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