Sunday, July 3, 2016

Family Vacation - Part Six

Friday of our vacation was June 24th; otherwise known in our household as Davis' Family Day or Gotcha Day. Meaning that it was 3 years since we had first met Davis in a government office in Guangzhou, China. 

For Davis' family day, we decided to repeat a fun activity from earlier in the week that everyone loved - footgolf! It was a lot of fun to play again. 

While we were on hole six, one of the officials from the golf course came out to meet us on a golf cart. He wanted to know if it would be ok to photograph us playing over the next couple of holes. Turns out footgolf is a relatively new development at the resort and one of the executives wanted some pictures for the company newsletter. We agreed and had a tagalong for holes seven and eight. By the time we finished up the last hole and got back to the pro shop, he had printed out a couple of pictures of our family to take along with us! 

After grabbing some lunch, we changed clothes and headed to Fairfield Lake to do some boating. We ended up spending an hour out on the water in a paddleboat that held all five of us. Someone was tired from foot golf he fell asleep in the car on the 1/2 mile drive!

That little blue dot is us out on the lake! 

We had one last stop for the day....the recreation center for some pool time! This time Davis stayed awake in the car and made a "minion" out of his lifejacket. 

We spent some time in the outdoor pools. Davis got very brave in the shallow end that is 3 feet and decided to do some walking around and "swimming" on his own. 

He decided to be brave in the shallow end of the indoor pool this time as well. We had the pool mostly to ourselves this time and the big boys enjoying playing catch in the pool. 

We finally took everyone home and made pizza for dinner! It was a great way to celebrate our last full day in North Carolina and Davis' family day. 

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