Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Labor Day Relaxing

We ducked over to EPCOT again for a few hours on Labor Day afternoon. We rode Spaceship Earth and played some games in the Project Tomorrow area afterwards. 

Then we headed over to Sum of All Thrills - the roller coaster simulator ride. You get to design your own roller coaster and then experience it firsthand. This is one of the Parker and Wesley's favorites, especially since Wesley is taller than the 54 inches required to go upside-down in the simulator. We didn't make it here the last time we were at EPCOT and we promised to bring them back for one last ride. Sum of All Thrills will be going away forever on September 14. Both boys took full advantage of their last design and had as many upside-down loops as possible - 5!!! 

We ran over to catch Soarin' again and then took Davis for his first time on Mission Space. Yay, he was finally tall enough!! He rode the Green side (less intense) with Baba and his brothers while Mama did the Orange side (more intense). Except everything was so realistic Davis was totally freaked out about going into space. This was his face for most of the ride. Daryl says be thankful you didn't get the sound effects! 

We made up for the space ride with a Mickey Mouse pretzel and then everyone got to ride on Test Track. This is a big fan favorite in our house and definitely Davis' most favorite EPCOT ride. 

And then we checked out some of the cool cars on display! 

Not too shabby a day! We managed to dodge the rain showers and stay dry too! 

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