Saturday, May 20, 2017

A Special Disney Preview

A few months ago we signed up through the Annual Passholders program at Disney to get a special sneak peak of the new Pandora land at Animal Kingdom, based on the movie Avatar. Pandora officially opens next Saturday May 27. We got to spend 3 hours there on Friday evening for our preview time. It definitely lived up to all of the hype. It was simply amazing!!! Breathtaking in all of its details!!!

There are two new rides: Flight of Passage and the Navi' River Journey. We rode Flight of Passage first; you ride one of the banshees from the movie through Pandora - it is a simulator ride that is unlike any other ride in Disney World. Hands down THE best theme park ride I've ever been on. The boys loved it so much we got right back in line and rode it again. We weren't allowed to take pictures in the simulator room, so these pictures are from the ride queue line inside and out.

The Navi' River Journey is a beautiful bioluminescent boat ride through the land of Pandora. Very relaxing and so detailed you could ride it four or five times before you noticed everything that was going on.

And there was a ton of detail all around the new Pandora land that was fun to walk around and experience.

The big Tree of Life lit up at night. We went back and rode the Safari at night too. No pictures but the animals were out and alert and it was cool to try and spot them in the low light.

I got to ride Expedition Everest by myself. Still the best roller coaster at Disney and it's even better at night! 

We finished up the night with some time on Primeval Whirl - and there were so few people around the big boys got to stay on three times in a row. Since Davis isn't quite tall enough for this one yet, he and Baba rode on the lovely Triceratops Spin.  We had a fantastic preview day and are looking forward to spending more time in Animal Kingdom in the future!!

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