Friday, January 3, 2020

Christmas Day

Christmas morning dawned bright and early. The boys got to open their stockings from Santa and some presents from Uncle Kelly and Uncle Nam as well as Aunt Barbara and Uncle David. 

The tree of presents for 11 people - our crew, Grandmommy and Daniel's crew. 

Some highlights.....Wesley got new Nikes, Davis got Star Wars Legos and Parker got Granddaddy's ring passed down to him from his Baba (and the initial changed out again). 

 I got a couple of cool gifts from Daryl's mom. 

We got a nap in after opening presents and then for lunch we were joined by Grandmommy's sisters and some of their kids.

Later on the cousins did cousin exchange and took some more pictures. 

Later it was time for the annual dodgeball game in the yard - grownups won this year. 

And there were more naps!

Finally in the evening we went out to look at Christmas lights in Brandon and Lithia. Which was cool not only because of the light displays but also because we got to show the boys around Brandon and point out stuff that was important to us growing up. We don't usually have the time for that when were here in town. 

Barrington Oaks Neighborhood

Another house nearby in Brandon had a coordinated light show with a radio station but we couldn't get the station to play.

Then we headed to two places in Fishhawk in Lithia. These two places were super cool. The first one had the string of lights on the left side programmed to do videos along with the music playing - Greatest Showman and Star Wars were playing while we were there. 

And this one tuned their lights to Pentatonix's Christmas album. 

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