Monday, August 10, 2020

Growing Season

Before we left on vacation, I spent some time working in the garden. I shored up some more of the lima beans with stakes and trimmed back the dead branches. I totally took the green beans back to the stalks. And I fertilized everything including the okra. 

When we got home the lima bean plants are filling up with blooms and seed pods. The okra plants are getting ready to have another bumper crop. The green bean stalks have a few leaves on them. Even the jalapeƱo plants have a couple more peppers. 

Since we've been home this weekend, I deadheaded all of the sunflowers trying to trick my stalks into producing more blooms. Drying out the sunflower heads in the house as well as a few lima bean seed pods for possible future growing. 

Also we finally have our first gladiolus bloom in the front flower bed! 

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