Saturday, October 31, 2020

Drive- Thru Trunk or Treat

So we did a different thing for Halloween at church - a drive-thru Trunk or Treat! We weren't sure what to expect and it turned out far beyond anything we could have dreamed of. Cars started lining up at 6pm to get in. From the time the event started at 6:30pm, it was a steady stream of cars. Cars were backed up on College Avenue in front of the church in both directions and then cars to the north were backed out onto 466A and cars on the south were backed onto Berckman Street. The last car got in line at 8:30pm which was when it was supposed to end and that car finally made it through the line by 9:30pm! Some families waited over an hour to get to the event - and yet everyone was so patient and the kids were excited. Several families even decorated their cars or golf carts to drive-thru the line. We are so thankful for the 26 trunks with people to hand out candy: masked, distanced and many with candy chutes to get the candy to the kids in the cars. Parker decorated his car this year, so we had two cars from our family. 

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