Friday, October 20, 2023

Selby Gardens South

We have visited Selby Gardens downtown Sarasota several times. Last Friday Daryl and I explored the southern campus, Selby Gardens at Spanish Point in Osprey. This campus has two main trails - one of them is decorated in October for a special event at night called Spooky Trails. The other side is more historic with an old homestead house and gardens. 

Here's some of the things along the Spooky Trail. 

The view from the Point out to the water. 

Along the nature trail.....

The pier in front of the house. 

The house dates back to the late 1860s. 

The kitchen was in a separate building to prevent fires and the house getting too warm. 

The house owner built a special aqueduct to help water the plant life. 

The family raised citrus and shipped it out from a dock on the property. The tide was up and we had to wade through the water to get to the packing house. 

There was also a chapel and family cemetery on the property. 

It was a really pretty walk amidst Old Florida. Glad our Selby Garden passes include both gardens. 

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