Monday, November 27, 2023

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise!!!! (Daryl Turns 5-0)

Over the summer Daryl told me that what he wanted most for his birthday was a Tribe birthday party. I thought we could do a little bit better than that. For five months I worked with the Hills and the Landstedt's to pull off a surprise Tribe birthday weekend. I rented a 5 bedroom, 5 bath house at the Champion's Gate neighborhood in Davenport. 

Downstairs bedrooms - the 4 girls 

Joey and Jenn's room


Wesley slept on the big couch here 

Daryl and I in the master bedroom 

The boys bedroom 

And CJ and Amy's bedroom 

We had our own spa and pool but the heat was broken so we went to the community pool 
a couple of times. 


Daryl had no real idea what was happening. Earlier in the week the boys and I told him that we had a surprise for him over the weekend and gave him a packing list and asked that he not ask any questions. We left Seffner in the afternoon and drove a very round about way to Davenport (through Zephyrhills). When we pulled into the neighborhood, he still had no idea what was in store until we pulled up to the house and all of the Tribe was standing in the driveway. Only after we got inside and gave him the tour, did we tell him that we had also arranged with Pastor Sarah at the church to get him the Sunday off and that we would all be together through Sunday evening. He couldn't believe it! 

We ate in for every meal and the Hills cooked and baked for it all (and allergy safe too!) We had the best time relaxing, playing board games and pool in the game room, swimming and just hanging out. It was so nice to be all together again. 

The house had a pool table in the game room/garage. 

So thankful for these amazing friends. It was the gift of our life to serve on the same church staff with them for three years. Love our tribe. So glad to celebrate Daryl for this milestone birthday together!!!!

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