Saturday, June 15, 2024

Camp Check In

Last Monday, Latricia and I went to camp to speak to all of the camp counselors about calling: our general calling as believers and also a specific calling to pastoral ministry. 

Daryl and I got to see and hug our favorite camp counselor. 

And we got to see the Standifer girls. 

Rev. Madeline Luzinski was there. I was her pastoral supervisor when she interned at camp back in 2015 and now she's an ordained deacon serving as the chaplain at the Children's Home. 

Rev. Corey Jones, the new camp director, gave us a tour. Lots of work has been happening and things are looking good. The old playground had just come down and was getting replaced too. 

Wesley tagged along with us to see his friends - he got to hug on Parker and aggravate Bellamy with how tall he is now! 


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