Our Son Davis

We are so thankful to have been matched with this beautiful little boy from Guangzhou, China. He was born in July 2010 and his special need is post-op cleft lip and palate. Originally known to us on our agency's list as "Zachary," his name is now Davis Warren Allen.  

These referral pictures were taken May 2012.

These pictures were taken around July 2012.
The little girl next to him has been adopted and 
we received these pictures from her family. 

These pictures were taken in November 2012 
by someone associated with our adoption agency.
This is Davis' foster mother with him. 

These pictures were taken in April 2013 and were sent to us
as part of our last official update before travel. 

We are so thrilled to have been able to celebrate Davis' 3rd birthday 
with him in China and now to have him home!  

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