Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Very BUSY Weekend

How much excitement can one 3 year-old stand in a weekend? Let's recap:
  • Friday am - Doctor's appointment with Mommy and Daddy to hear Wesley's heartbeat (everything is fine by the way!)
  • Friday lunch - A goodbye visit with Daryl's cousin Sam before he took off to Kentucky. We went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and spend time cruising the Brandon mall.
  • Friday afternoon - Visit with out of town relatives - Daryl's great-uncle Bill and great-aunt Bobbie from North Carolina.
  • Friday dinner - Rehearsal dinner for Daryl's Uncle David. Twenty-five people, including six kids under age eight, at a sit-down dinner served in a banquet room at Granny's retirement village.
  • Friday evening - Staying up late at a sleepover with cousin Micah at Grandmommy's house.
  • Saturday morning - Playing with Micah, visiting with out-of-town relatives and "helping" Grandmommy cook
  • Saturday afternoon - Uncle David's wedding to our new "official" Aunt Barbara. Thanks to the fire drills at school which have made a big impression this summer, Parker pointed out every single fire alarm light he saw in the sanctuary and got very upset when the "big fire" was lit on the altar area (candleabras!) However, he did very much enjoy the cake and punch at the reception!
  • Saturday evening - Big family birthday party for Granny (Daryl's Grandma) who just turned 80! More time with the out-of-town relatives, more cake, more cousin time!
Parker did great avoiding temper tantrums and meltdowns. But is it any wonder he fell asleep in the car on the way home and didn't want to wake up for church on Sunday? Here's a few assorted pictures of our whirlwind weekend........

Bon voyage Sam!

With Uncle Bill & Aunt Bobbie from North Carolina

With Uncle Wade & Aunt Kathleen from Alabama

The New Mr. and Mrs. David Allen

Daddy and Parker with our new Aunt Barbara

With Grandmommy and the cousins at the reception

With Granddaddy and Cousin Bethany
(and of course our favorite Pooh Bear friend)

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