Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Part One

We certainly had a wonderful Christmas this year. We started off by going to church, where Mommy led the Christmas Eve service. This was the first time she had preached in five weeks. It was really good to be back at church with everyone and to celebrate the season together. Parker and Aydenn swapped presents and were so sweet about it - they whispered to each other what they had gotten before they opened them. Aydenn received a new Thomas train and Parker received a set of CARS (Lightning McQueen and Doc) that talk and move. Then it was on to Granny's house for Christmas Eve dinner and a celebration with Granny, Uncle Kelly, Uncle David and Aunt Barbara, Uncle Daniel and Miss Dawn and the cousins, and Grandmommy and Grandaddy.

Afterwards, we went to Grandmommy and Grandaddy's house to spend the night and wait for Santa Claus. Parker put out milk and cookies and a banana for Santa and also carrots for the reindeer using Grandmommy's special Santa plate (thanks to Miss Pam at church for giving us the cookies and the carrots).
Parker was rewarded in the morning with a note from Santa.

Parker was super excited about all the gifts out under the tree in the morning when he woke up. Christmas at Grandmommy's house is for her and her three sisters and all their kids and grandkids - there were 27 people there for Christmas morning, so there were lots of presents!

Here's a picture of our little family ready to go for Christmas!

Everyone camps out on the floor or the furniture near their immediate family to open the gifts and Uncle Steve plays Santa and reads all the tags on the gifts - Cousin Micah helped hand them out.
Grandaddy also had a little helper as he tried to open gifts!
Wesley had a lot of fun getting passed around to all the different relatives. Here he is with Aunt Jani and Uncle Dan, then Cousin Kim and finally Cousin Clark.

Here's some of the family pictures from Grandmommy's house on Christmas. The new generation of cousins.
The old generation of cousins with their significant others.

The four sisters - Diane, Norma, Joyce and Janice

The Kurvins - Uncle Steve, Aunt Diane, Kim and her husband Drew, Cory, Robert and his girlfriend Alicia.

The Neals - Uncle Don, Aunt Norma, Donald and David

The Rogers-Mattisons - Uncle Dan, Aunt Jani, Sam and Clark

and all the Allens

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