Monday, December 17, 2007

A Couple of Firsts

So this week we've had a couple more "firsts" with Wesley. Wednesday was his first official trip to the doctor for his two-week well visit. Parker is very excited that Wesley gets to go to the same doctor that he does (Dr. Bain at Babies and Beyond); however we decided to leave Parker at preschool instead of bringing him with us. He got so upset when the nurses worked on Wesley in the hospital, and we didn't want to ruin Parker's good relationship with the doctor if Wesley started screaming. Everything checked out fine - Wesley has gained 6 ounces and seems to be right on track. We go back the first week in January for his 1 month checkup.

Thursday was Wesley's first official visit to the photographer. Of course we've taken tons of pictures at home, but we needed a Christmas picture of the whole family. We got some good shots, especially of the boys together. Parker wasn't thrilled about the whole idea of pictures this time (because school had done some Christmas pictures earlier this week) but he did get excited when he got to hold and hug on Wesley for some pictures. We'll update later with some more pictures.

Saturday was Wesley's first cookout. We spent the afternoon and evening at the Reveron's house - their son Aydenn is Parker's best bud. This is the first time since we've been married that we have a couple to hang out with that live nearby and are the same age as us. It was really nice just to hang out with them and laugh and watch the kids play.

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