Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Karate Promotion

Last night after karate class, Parker and another little girl Lily were invited to stay behind to test for their junior yellow belts. In order to get to this new rank they had to know their dragon codes, punches, kicks and some self-defense moves. Both Parker and Lily received their new belts! Parker is very excited about all of this.

The funny thing is that they have to trade in their belts next week. Why? Because the actual junior yellow belts are yellow with a black stripe and they were on backorder. But Sensei Tony didn't want to put off their testing because he had promised them. So they ended up receiving solid yellow belts (which is the next rank up) and they are a size too big. I just hope we don't have too much trouble with Parker when he has to switch them out next week! Here's some pictures from the testing:

Sensei Tony and his fiance Melissa explaining to the kids what's about to happen

Doing kicks in the air

Doing kicks on the pads

Sensei Tony putting on his new belt (We do get to keep the old one and we hope to get him some kind of wall display unit to keep all his belts in)

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