Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bad Weather

Parker had to go back to the doctor today for a two week re-check to see how the strep throat and ear infections cleared up. The verdict is that his throat looks great, his one ear looks great, but there's still some infection hanging on in that other ear. Plus the doctor didn't like the look of his runny nose. So she prescribed another ten days on antibiotics plus a nasal spray. We have to go back in another two weeks to see how Parker's doing.

Mommy had picked up Parker up in the middle of his day at Angels for this visit and took him back after (he was pleased to get out of nap time!). No sooner got home with Wesley than it started really getting windy and dark outside. After about two hours, Angels called to say that Pasco County was closing all afterschool and daycares because of a severe storm and tornado warning and come get Parker now. We know Angels is especially concerned when bad weather comes in from the Gulf because it's on a canal that leads right out to water less than 1/2 mile away. So Mommy and Wesley went back out to brave the storm and go get the big brother. What's usually a 15 minute trip took 30 minutes in the pouring rain and with lots of traffic lights out. Daddy fought the bad storm all the way home from Orlando but made it home safe and sound. The bad weather is still storming outside now. Hopefully tomorrow's weather will cooperate more.

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