Friday, February 22, 2008

Fabulous Foto Friday

These were taken several weeks ago but Mommy "found" them again when she was sorting pictures tonight. This is a new indoor playground at our local mall. Parker just loves to play on these things and loves to climb on top of stuff and jump as high and far as he can!!!

THE WESLEY EXPRESSWesley has this little "bouncy seat" with a barnyard theme: the little toys on the bar are a cow, a lamb and a pig. It can sit up and rock, or recline and be stable. It also has a vibration feature on it (which Wesley's not real crazy about). We always have to be careful to strap Wesley into his seat because we never know where he's going to end up. Parker makes the seat the "Wesley Express" and pushes him all around the house to join us or just to take him for a ride.

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