Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Party For the Cousins

All of Parker's cousins have February birthdays. So Saturday was the big combined birthday party for Micah, Bethany and Kayla at Davis Park in Brandon. Each child had their own table decorated in their own theme, plus their birthday cake (handmade by Grandmommy) and presents.

Here's Micah with his Transformers theme and Robot Cake:

Here's Bethany with her Hello Kitty theme and Flower Cake:

Here's Kayla with her My Little Pony theme and Butterfly Cake:

Wesley enjoyed the extra attention from people as usual. He just loves to be held. Here he is with Grandaddy and Miss Joan:

With Daddy and Granny:

With Daddy, Grandmommy and Bethany and Kayla
(both girls wanted to take turns feeding the baby!)

Parker had lots of fun too. Getting tickled by Grandaddy:

Trying to play badminton with Micah:

Chillin' out with Bethany and some birthday cake. (The table and chair here were purchased in Germany by Daryl's grandparents for Aunt Diane and refinished recently by a family friend for Bethany's birthday.)

Check out Miss Personality here with her shades!

Bethany was definitely working the crowd of kids. All the boys were following her around. Here they are lined up alongside the basketball court.

But Bethany would only sit still for a few minutes before getting up and walking away. The boys would follow her very shortly. Here she is making sure that they are coming after her!!!

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