Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Sick Day

Top 5 Ways to Tell if Parker is Sick:
5) He gets little bags under his eyes.
4) He complains of a bad sore throat!
3) He complains of pain in both ears!
2) He lays on the couch and just wants to watch movies.
1) He only whispers because he's lost his voice!

That's right - Parker is sick. We thought he just had a cold the last few days. But today he woke up with no voice and was crying while whispering to Mommy that his throat and ears hurt. Now Parker has NEVER had an ear infection before, which is miraculous considering that by his age Mommy and Daddy had both had countless ear infections. We knew it would hit sometime and it has. Since Daddy was at school in Orlando today, Mommy took the boys to the Dr's office. Parker not only has an ear infection though, but also strep throat. This is contagious and very dangerous to little ones so they wanted to test Wesley. Wesley is negative for strep now but has to be monitored closely for the next couple of days until Parker's antibiotics kick in and he isn't contagious anymore. The Dr. told us that if Wesley develops a fever that we have to take him directly to All Children's Hospital down in St. Petersburg. Wesley does have a little congestion and they want to watch that to make sure it's not RSV. So he needs nose drops and the humidifier at night.

Both boys did great with all the poking and prodding and strep tests. Parker earned a beanie baby for his good behavior from the nurse and instead of any fussing, Wesley rewarded the nurse and doctor with smiles and coos.

But by far the worst part of being sick at our house right now is having to keep Parker away from Wesley for a few days without being able to take Parker to school.... Parker's just heartbroken at not being able able to touch and love on his little brother. So if you would please, join us in prayers for a speedy recovery for Parker and that Wesley doesn't develop RSV or strep.

Sidenote: They weighed Wesley while we were there and he now weighs 13lbs 8 oz. That means he's gained 1lb 3oz since his checkup 16 days ago. Wow! No wonder we had to switch his clothes around and jump up to the 3-6month stuff this past weekend!!

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