Friday, February 8, 2008

Playdates and Church Dinners

Parker has a best friend Aydenn and the two of them are so cute about playing together. Parker asks almost everyday if he can play with Aydenn and recently Aydenn took a nap holding a picture of him with "his Parker."

Their friendship works out really well because Mommy and Daddy are good friends with Aydenn's parents, Errick and Stacee, plus their Emma is just a few months older than Wesley. Errick has been working really hard at a second job lately doing tax returns and so we had Stacee and the kids over for a playdate and dinner last Wednesday night. The boys had such a good time together and managed to empty Parker's entire toy box on the back porch into his CARS tent without anyone noticing!!!! Then the next night we showed up for the spaghetti dinner at church to find that Aydenn's family had saved us seats. After they ate, the boys ran around the fellowship hall, played a jumping game off the stage and then ended up being sweet little helpers by cleaning up the tables and even moving the folding chairs!!

We forgot to get the camera out this visit,
but here's a picture from our last visit to Aydenn's house to play.

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