Thursday, March 20, 2008

Parents' Love

Those are eggs hardboiling on the stove. Yes the clock on the stove is correct if you can see it - that's 12:49am. Parker was feeling better before bed last night and later we realized that if he were to go to school today that he was supposed to bring 6 hard boiled eggs to decorate and 5 plastic eggs filled with candy to use in an egg hunt. We didn't want Parker to be the only kid who showed up without the right stuff. Thankfully we had some eggs in the "friger-friger" (as Parker calls it).

But neither Mommy nor Daddy could remember how to boil eggs. And so we were "googling" the Internet looking for directions (we'd have called parents but they probably wouldn't have appreciated the timing!). Then we boiled the eggs.

Want to know the kicker? Parker was too sick to get up and go to school today.......

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Anonymous said...

So how long did it take to boil eggs after midnight?