Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend - Part 3 - The Wedding and Reception

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dawn got married last Saturday. It was really a beautiful wedding and a fun party at the reception. Our little family was involved in the wedding: Daddy was the best man, Parker was a ringbearer and Mommy sang. It was really interesting watching all the kids as part of the wedding: Daniel's son Micah was a junior groomsmen and family friend Mary Angotti was a junior bridesmaid. Then besides Parker there was Dawn's nephew Jason as another ringbearer. The two flowergirls were Daniel's daughter Bethany and Dawn's daughter Kayla. All of the children did a great job in walking down the aisle and standing still for the ceremony. We weren't sure how Parker would do with walking by himself or at standing still but he managed. He looked so serious on his way up the aisle and managed not to run around during the ceremony. Later when Mommy went up to sing her song (When Love Is Found), Daddy leaned over and let her know that Parker needed to go potty. While we had made sure to do that right before he got dressed, he still needed to go. So after the song Mommy ran him out the side door of the sanctuary to the bathroom and got him back in time to bring up the rear of the bridal party walking out of the sanctuary!

Here's some candid shots of the wedding and reception. Our digital camera battery died after the rehearsal dinner and we didn't bring all the parts to the charger with us. So we ended up having to use a disposable camera and we didn't get as many as we wanted, nor did they turn out as well as usual.

Here's Parker with Uncle Daniel before the wedding. Daddy's in the background practicing his best man toast (which he did an awesome job on!)

Here's everyone lined up in the front, waiting on Dawn's entrance.

After the wedding, Mommy and the boys hanging out in the pews during the pictures.

Daddy and Parker - so handsome in their tuxedos.

At the reception, that's Wesley with his great-great Uncle Gene.

Parker has once again managed to steal the socks off Wesley's feet. He hates his feet to be covered - Parker loves to play with Wesley's toes.

Parker making his grand entrance into the reception.

Daddy and Dawn's sister Tina making their entrance into the reception.

The new Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Allen.

This is all the single ladies gathered for the throwing of the bouquet. They even managed to get Granny in there (she's in the purple). Dawn's grandmother ended up catching the bouquet!

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