Thursday, April 17, 2008

Raising Boys

Mommy was watching one of her "house" shows (as Parker calls it) on tv the other day and this family with two boys had stenciled the following on the wall of their mudroom:

Boy (noun): A moving noise with dirt on it.

Yes, it is a good descriptive of life with two boys, even two small ones - a life that's a whirlwind of motion, noise and more than its fair share of dirt. The world of boys and siblings is admittedly completely foreign territory for Mommy who was raised as an only child. But while we find truth and amusement in the quote, it does fail to completely capture the beauty and wonder of raising two little guys who we would not trade for anything in the world.

From the moment we found out that we were having a second child all kinds of people made the little comments: "You must be hoping for a girl" or "Wouldn't it be great if it was a girl and then you could have one of each." Then when we found it our second baby would be another boy, the people started giving us looks of pity and the comments started to change: "You can always try again" and "You'll have to keep going until you get that girl." We were amazed (and slightly dumbfounded) that people would somehow find our family incomplete or lacking because we didn't have a girl. Mommy has learned to love the world of fearless adventure that is Parker and has gotten good at playing racecars/trains/robots and watching sports. And Daddy and his boys have such a good bond and have so much good, silly fun together.

One example - from the time that Parker was a little baby, Daddy would question "Who's my boy?" and then answer: "You're my boy!" Then when Parker learned to talk, Daryl taught him to answer "I'm your boy!" Now that Wesley has come along, Parker has automatically changed the game to embrace his little brother. Now when Daddy questions "Who's my boy?" Parker answers "I'm your boy and Wesley too!"

Here's some random pictures of our guys from the last week or so.

And a couple of pictures from tonight. Wesley tolerates his breathing treatments much more if he's allowed to stand up and sorta dance around on your lap.

And these are from all the guys goofing off as Parker was getting ready for bed. Parker was all excited to have Wesley on his shoulders!

PS - Medical Update - The reason Mommy's sore throat never went away after surgery is because she has a sinus/ear infection. She got medicine for that today. Wesley continues to do well with the breathing treatments and antibiotics and seems to be back more to his usual happy self. Parker got x-rays today of his neck to check and see if his adenoids are enlarged and need removing. We're waiting to hear back from his doctor. Thankfully, Daddy is feeling fine!

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