Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Terrible, Terrific Tuesday

Let's see how our "Terrible Tuesday" started out:
  • Daddy had to go to school - lots of driving to Orlando and back
  • Mommy was up most of the night with Wesley, who also kept Parker up
  • Since we were exhausted we overslept this morning and Parker missed Angels
  • Mommy tried to run several errands in the van with the boys and the van kept stalling on her and took forever to start up again so we had to cut our trip short before getting to WalMart to get diapers!
But later the day turned into "Terrific Tuesday" :
  • Mommy had to go to work tonight to interview a new accompanist (our last one resigned several weeks ago). Miss Leslie from church is on that committee so she picked Mommy up and left her daughter Rael to babysit the boys.
  • The candidate tonight was VERY promising as an accompanist. Compared to the one who auditioned on Sunday morning, she looks like Liberace. In fact she's so qualified we're afraid she'll be bored with us. One more interview and then we get to make the big decision.
  • Parker had a blast playing with Miss Rael and Wesley certainly enjoyed all the snuggle time! The boys sure do adore Miss Rael (pronounced ray-el) or as Parker calls her "Rail." The fun continued after Mommy and Daddy got home. Parker coaxed Rael into doing his pillow diving and they added a new stunt by jumping into the little video game chair and flipping over into the pillows. And Miss Leslie finally got a turn to hold the baby!
  • Then as a family we went back out to get the needed diapers and made a quick stop through the Dairy Queen. An ice cream treat was a great way to end our terrific day!

PS - UPDATES AND CHANGES - We wanted to let you know that we had made some updates and changes to the blog. There are lots of additions to the links section on the right hand side of the page. Also there is the option of subscribing to the blog via email. You enter your email address and then a service sends you an automatic email when ever the blog is updated. That way you don't have to remember to check.

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