Friday, May 16, 2008

Field Trip - Parker Goes to the Zoo!

Today the 4 year old class from Angels went on a field trip into Tampa to Lowry Park Zoo. Parker's not in that class yet, but he and a couple of others from the 3-year old class we're invited to go along because they're well-behaved and will be going into that class soon.

We debated about sending him, especially since they had all the chaperones they needed without us (11 chaperones for 16 kids). Ultimately we decided to let him go and have fun with his friends. It was Parker's first bus trip also - they took one of the small church buses. Parker had to be at school this morning by 8am with his lunch and his car seat (those under five have to ride in a car seat on the bus).

We picked Parker up at 4:30pm this afternoon and they had just gotten back. We were told that Parker was very well-behaved, that the kids had a blast, and he was so tired he'd actually slept most of the way home! Parker reported that he had seen the elephants, the giraffes (and the giraffe licked his head), the tigers and some other animals and also gotten to play in the playground. And he'd like to take us with him next time to show us around. He also came home with a goody bag of a zoo postcard, an elephant container of bubbles and some of those sponge animals that grow when you put them in water.

Since we didn't get any pictures of him at the zoo today, we're including some pictures of Parker's first trip to Lowry Park Zoo which was two years ago.

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