Monday, May 12, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

Here's the Mother's Day project Parker made in Children's Church yesterday. That's a piece of Dove chocolate in the middle of the flower that he says Mommy can't eat because it belongs on the flower.

The big guys did some yardwork today, trimming the hedges down the west side of the house, trimming the palm trees, pulling weeds and picking up sticks/moss out of the yard. Parker loves to help with all of this, of course, and even got to use the hand trimmers with the help of Daddy to make the hedges look nice. He helped put the cuttings in the trash and brought the trash can back into the garage. When he was all done he came inside and wanted some juice "because he'd had a hard day working!"

Then at karate tonight, Parker learned how to do a flying front jump kick. They practiced standing on one leg first and then jumping to the other - they all looked like a bunch of unsteady drunk flamingos flopping around! But eventually most of them got the hang of it.

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