Thursday, May 1, 2008

Picking Berries and Other Stuff

When Mommy picked up Parker at Angels today, he burst into tears. He was on the playground and he didn't want to leave. Miss Ashley said he'd been not quite himself since waking from his nap and he complained on the way home that he didn't feel good - his ears hurt and later on his throat started hurting. No fever. At home later, he got to watch movies (his favorite Monsters Inc) and eat popsicles.

But before we could go home we had to make a stop at Miss Brenda's Berry Farm. She's a member of the church and Mommy needed to ask her a question. Since it's the height of blueberry season she's not very available by phone. We talked while walking through the berry fields and she taught Parker how to pick blueberries. He thought it was so cool because he loves to eat blueberries and had no idea you could pick your food like that. He had fun filling up his little bucket and he got to bring his berries home. Now he wants to go back and take Aydenn with him!

And here's a picture Parker took later with Mommy's cell phone of his foot and the mess on the living room floor.

Wesley Sleep Update - It happened again last night. This makes two nights in a row of great sleep (for the family)! We're praying for more.

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