Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Few of His Favorite Things

Living with a four year old always proves to be very interesting. Parker's personality continues to develop more and more all the time. He's becoming much more independent and always wants to try to do everything by himself. And there's a fierce frustration that comes out if he can't get it right and needs help. Parker has also developed some very definite preferences and favorites about some things. So tonight we thought we'd give you some insight into the mind of a preschooler and list off some of Parker's favorite things.

TV Show - Pinky Dinky Doo or Yo Gabba Gabba

CDs - CARS movie soundtrack and anything by the Laurie Berkner Band

Movie - Monsters Inc

Color - Blue

Baseball Player - Carlos Pena from the Rays

NASCAR team - Interstate Batteries

Race Car Driver - Tony Stewart

Food - Mac and Cheese

Drink - Crystal Light Strawberry Kiwi

Candy - Air Heads and Skittles

Snack - Toast with butter or CARS shaped gummies

Toys - Cars and Trains

Past-times - Riding bikes, playing catch, swimming

Friends - Danny (at school) and Aydenn (everywhere else!)

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