Monday, July 7, 2008

Weekend Update

So the rest of our holiday weekend finished up nicely. Daddy and Parker worked hard out in the yard on Saturday. Then on Sunday after church, Mommy and the boys took Miss Rael swimming at our community pool, while Daddy worked on his sermon for this coming Sunday. And today we went to a Rays game. Parker's been asking for a while when we were going to go, since we haven't been to a game all season. So we decided to go and sit in the cheap seats for this afternoon's game and Parker invited Miss Rael to join us. Even though the Rays lost to the KC Royals (we had to give Uncle Roger and Aunt Mona's hometeam one game in this series), we really did enjoy ourselves a lot this afternoon: watching Wesley's reaction to his first Rays game, teaching Rael about baseball, seeing Parker get excited when his favorite player Carlos Pena came up to bat, and experiencing the much more lively crowd presence now that the team's on a winning streak. We even got to go down to the Rays touch tank this time. And we managed to run into someone we knew - after the game we found Sue and Alan Bunch from First UMC Seffner down in the gift shop.

The view from our seats.

Touch Tank Fun - For the record the rays feel slimy to the touch!

Wesley can fall asleep anywhere!

The entrance to the stadium has a mini-field painted on the floor. We managed to corral Parker on the way out from running the bases (he slid into home plate!)

And on the way home, Rael and the boys crashed out in their seats. She fell asleep against Wesley's seat and kept sliding down until she finally woke herself up!

Because the game went extra innings we got caught in rush-hour traffic on the way home complicated by a bad thunderstorm. We made it home from the 12:40pm game just in time to grab Parker's gi (uniform) and head off to his 6:30pm karate class!

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