Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We're Thankful For

Having to change our seating around at the table tonight.

Why you ask? Because Wesley finally started to figure out what eating was all about and seemed to like it. We picked up some stage 2 foods at Wal-Mart today and between two sittings this evening he managed to get down 2/3 of a jar of Rice Cereal mixed with Apples and Cinnamon. Maybe he was just waiting for better stuff? We were so excited working with him we forgot to get pictures of him eating in his highchair this time.

A Big Brother with a thoughtful personality.

Parker does such a super job of looking out for Wesley. Wesley is the first thing on his mind in the morning and the last thing on his mind before going to bed. Bubby loves to play with Wesley (especially wrestling around), but thankfully the little guy doesn't seem to mind; his face lights up whenever Parker's around. Here's a picture of Parker from today (he's showing off the new haircut Mommy gave him).

A Hometown Team on a Huge Winning Streak!

We've been anxiously watching the Rays play for the last three nights. The Rays beat the Red Sox tonight, sweeping the 3 game series and putting us a solid 3.5 games up ahead as the first place leader in the AL East. But we are also the top team in all of the Major Leagues, 1.5 games ahead of the L.A. Angels. Go Rays!!!!!!

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