Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday Fun

Our Friday Fun included.....

Round Two of Tropical Storm Fay - After turning around and coming back across the state, Fay went through Hernando County, just five miles north of us. We got a lot of gusty wind and a downpour of rain in the am and early afternoon on Friday. In fact, Parker's school Angels closed completely at noon for the day because of flooding concerns; the school sits across the street from the canal system going out to the Gulf and the canals were really high even at low tide.

Scrapbooking for Mommy - Since she started doing this back in May, she's finished eleven double layout pages and finally completed the book she started three years ago, The Story of Us, detailing her and Daddy growing up together at church, dating, the engagement and the wedding. Next on her list is Parker's baby book.

LAN Party for Daddy - While the ladies were scrapbooking, Daddy headed over to the Reveron's house for a video game party with "the mans!" Actually it was Daddy and Errick and Stacee's brother and Stacee's brother-in-law. They set up two laptops and two desktops on the dining room table and hooked everything up to a wireless router and hunted each other down playing Halo.

Playtime for the Kids - Parker and Wesley love scrapbooking nights. Because Parker gets to play with Aydenn and Wesley gets people to hold him and spoil him. Wesley tried to make a new friend, crawling around with Aydenn's 8 month old cousin Cheyenne. However she was not impressed when he stole her binkie out of her mouth! No "vandalism" this time for the big boys - before going home we checked to make sure that they left the bathroom stall doors unlocked!

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